DBX8 Carbon

When skating is your life and performance is everything, you need the best of the best.

The DBX8 Carbon quad boot from Crazy Skates is an integration of everything that is DBX with the unrelenting performance pedigree of hand laid carbon fiber.
This boot features striking black polished leather curves and unmistakable red racing accent with windows to its Carbon fiber chassis.

This lightweight performance boot wasn’t made lighter by taking out features, instead – we put more in.

The boot is more heat mouldable than any of it’s DBX predecessors (previously the most heat mouldable boot on the market) by combining ABS mouldable upper counters AND a heat mouldable Carbon fiber base.

The internal lining of the boot has been upgraded to pig skin which provides incredible durability while staying soft and quick drying.


Crazy Patented Heel Lock Technology is built into a new low cut roller leather collar to give a truly supportive yet race inspired feel.

The signature power strap and cinch straps made famous by it’s DBX predecessors maintain the performance edge over your competitors by keeping your foot right in the power zone – no sliding.

The reinforced construction of our leather combined with ABS counters gives you the confidence to know that your boot will not stretch out or blow out like the boots you have seen elsewhere.
You want more performance customizations? Sure! This boot allows you to choose your heel rise, with a removable wedge you can choose to have heel lift for a quick toed style. Or, remove the wedge to lower your centre of gravity for the ultimate flat sole performance feel that gets you as close to the floor as possible. 


Included as standard is the first toe cap of it’s kind on the market – solid, lightweight toe protection with an incredible wear rate and a handy habit of saving your toenails and boots from being kicked or scuffed by other skaters. It holds the boot leather away from your toes, happy toes = happy skating.

Go ahead, make your comparisons – But when skating is your life and performance is everything, you need the best of the best. Crazy DBX8 Carbon.



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